Northern Lights are a magical natural phenomenon caused by solar particles colliding with the Earth's atmosphere. 

Ideal places to witness the Northern Lights are in the Northern countries near the North Pole.

Clean skies free from pollution provide the best views of the Northern Lights.

 The lights can vary in shade from pale white to vibrant, creating a mesmerizing sight.

 Tromso, Norway, offers a unique blend of culture, adventure, and the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle.

 Abisko, Sweden, is known for the clearest and most consistent Northern Lights displays due to minimal light pollution.

 Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, provides an exotic Northern Lights experience amidst wilderness from September to April.

Yellowknife, Canada, known as the "Aurora Capital of North America," offers stunning displays and cultural experiences.

Reykjavik, Iceland, serves as a gateway to the Aurora with various Northern Lights excursions during the winter.

 Kiruna, Sweden, provides an exceptional Northern Lights experience with Ice Hotels and pristine wilderness.