Manish Malhotra's First Fashion Store in Dubai

By Shreyansh Patni

Grand Entrance

Witness the spectacular inauguration of Manish Malhotra's flagship store in the heart of Dubai. A celebration of fashion awaits!

Iconic Design

Dive into the world of iconic designs that have graced celebrities and fashionistas worldwide. Each outfit tells a unique story of elegance and sophistication.

Dubai Exclusive Collection

Get an exclusive glimpse of the collection curated specifically for Dubai. Limited edition pieces that redefine luxury and celebrate the city's unique style.

Celebrity Spotting

Catch a glimpse of the stars who graced the grand opening. From Bollywood celebrities to international icons, the event was a star-studded affair.

Runway Extravaganza

Experience the runway extravaganza featuring Manish Malhotra's latest creations. A blend of tradition and contemporary fashion that sets trends on a global scale.

Design Philosophy

Delve into the designer's creative mind as he shares his design philosophy. Discover the inspirations behind the breathtaking ensembles that define elegance.

Dubai's Fashion Legacy

Explore how Manish Malhotra's store adds to Dubai's growing fashion legacy. The store not only showcases designs but becomes an integral part of the city's style narrative.

Interactive Fashion

Engage with the interactive elements within the store. Virtual fittings, AR experiences – discover how technology meets couture in this groundbreaking flagship store.

Global Expansion

Learn about Manish Malhotra's vision for global expansion and how Dubai serves as a strategic hub. The designer's journey from India to the world.

Manish Malhotra's First Dubai Store


By Shreyansh Patni, Jan 06, 2024