The Musical Magic at Radio Room Coimbatore – A Journey Through Familiarity and Vision

Introduction to Radio Room Coimbatore

Welcome to the musical haven of Coimbatore – Radio Room! After eight years of enchanting Chennai with its live performances, Saturday night buzz, and delectable food, Radio Room has now graced Coimbatore with its presence. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the vibrant ambiance, eclectic decor, and mouth-watering offerings that make Radio Room a must-visit spot in the city.

The Familiarity of Radio Room

A Warm Welcome

As you step through the doors of Radio Room Coimbatore, a palpable warmth envelopes you, akin to the embrace of an old friend. The journey begins with the iconic gaze of Michael Jackson, whose eyes adorn a vibrant yellow wall, creating an instant connection between the patron and the space.

Evolution of Music

Dive deeper into the soul of Radio Room, and you’ll find an eclectic decor that serves as a homage to the evolution of music. From jazz and hip hop to rhythm, EDM fusion, hyper pop, and discos, every corner resonates with the rich history of musical genres. The ambiance is complemented by the nostalgic tunes curated by in-house DJs, setting the stage for a sensory journey through the ages of music.

The Vision Behind Coimbatore’s Radio Room

Local Roots, Global Experience

The roots of Radio Room Coimbatore run deep within the local community. Co-owned by four passionate individuals hailing from Coimbatore – TV Senthil Kumar, Pradeep Arumugam, S Karthik, and R Pravin – the establishment is an extension of the original Radio Room in Chennai. These partners, regular patrons of the Chennai branch, bring a wealth of experience and a desire to share global culture and cuisines with their hometown.

Core Brand Values

Embedded in the DNA of Radio Room Coimbatore are the core values that have made the brand a success over the years. The commitment to delivering well-balanced cocktails, comforting culinary delights, and a soundtrack of great music remains unwavering. The franchise aims to replicate this winning formula, ensuring that the essence of Radio Room is not just maintained but elevated in its new Coimbatore abode.

Replicating the Chennai Magic

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere, live performances, packed Saturday night crowds, and delicious food of the original Chennai venue, the partners share a common goal – to ensure that Coimbatore doesn’t miss out on the infectious fun that Radio Room is known for. This venture is not just for locals but also for the global travelers frequenting nearby cities on business trips.

Global Cultural Exchange

The founders recognize the diverse palate of the people in Coimbatore, who are well-travelled and exposed to international cultures. The vision is to create an experience that resonates not only with friends and families but also with international visitors exploring Erode, Coimbatore, and Tiruppur. By bringing the global experience home, Radio Room Coimbatore aims to be a cultural melting pot where every visitor feels a sense of familiarity in an extraordinary setting.

A Visual Feast – Interior Design

  • Wine Barrel Elegance: Explore the 145-seater space, including a private dining area, adorned with tall bar stools, tables, and cozy coffee table seating with couches. The wine barrel decor creates a vintage winery vibe, complemented by custom-made radio speakers and panoramic glass.
  • Day to Night Transformation: Witness the morning sunlight filtering through clear glass, transforming into psychedelic lights at night. The warm grey tones, combined with a tree element and a square community table, provide a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Setting Up the Radio Room Experience in Coimbatore

  • Simplicity is Key: Zahir Naina, head of operations, emphasizes simplicity. Drawing from eight years of serving Chennai, Radio Room Coimbatore offers the best of their experience, focusing on cocktails, comfort food, and striking the perfect sweet-sour balance.
  • Inclusive Experience: Considering the budding pub culture in Coimbatore, special attention has been given to women’s safety and privacy. An exclusive waiting lounge prioritizes these aspects, ensuring a seamless entry from the lift.

Culinary Delights – Sips and Bites

  • Signature Cocktails: Indulge in unique concoctions like the blushing monk and bo tonic, each a symphony of flavors. The emphasis is on perfecting the sweet-sour balance, achieved through homemade simple syrups and avoiding synthetic sweeteners.
  • Quirky Culinary Offerings: The menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with a diverse range of dishes. From creamy parmesan jalapeno broccoli to fluffy, ghee-soaked mini idlis, there’s something for every palate.
  • Quick Delights: Non-vegetarian delights include peri peri prawns, badami chicken, and spicy green chilli chicken – all served within 20 minutes, maintaining the casual bar experience.

A Journey Through Libations

  • Experiential Cocktails: Every drink tells a story, from the silent dentist with ‘grandma’s secret recipe’ to the muddy puddle, a Milo-based cocktail with homemade Bailey’s, evoking nostalgia in every sip.
  • Dessert Extravaganza: Conclude your culinary journey with hazelnut custard jar and dark chocolate tart, offering a sweet finale to your Radio Room experience.
  • Street-inspired Treat: Try the gin thanda, a street-inspired concoction featuring betel leaves and paan, offering a familiar yet delightful flavor to end your night.


In the heart of Coimbatore, Radio Room emerges as more than just a hangout spot. It’s a musical haven, a culinary delight, and a testament to the evolving pub culture in the city. So, why miss out on the fun? Head to Radio Room Coimbatore for a symphony of flavors and an ambiance that feels like a warm embrace.


Is Radio Room Coimbatore only for music enthusiasts?

No, Radio Room caters to a diverse audience, offering a unique blend of music, cocktails, and delectable food suitable for everyone.

What sets Radio Room apart from other hangout spots in Coimbatore?

The distinctive decor, emphasis on the global cultural experience, and a carefully curated menu set Radio Room apart, creating a memorable experience.

Are reservations recommended for a visit to Radio Room?

While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended, especially during peak hours, to ensure you have the best experience.

Does Radio Room Coimbatore host live performances like its Chennai counterpart?

Yes, Radio Room Coimbatore continues the tradition of live performances, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the venue.

Can I host private events or parties at Radio Room Coimbatore?

Absolutely! Radio Room offers a private dining space, making it an ideal venue for hosting events, celebrations, and gatherings.

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