Princess Diana’s Dress Sets Record Auction Price

Princess Diana’s Dress Sets Record Auction Price

Introduction to Princess Diana’s Dress

Princess Diana, an icon of timeless style and grace, continues to captivate the world even after more than a quarter-century since her untimely passing. Recently, a dress worn by the beloved princess has made headlines, fetching an astounding $1.15 million at auction, setting a new record for the most expensive dress ever sold from Diana’s wardrobe. In this article, we will explore the mesmerizing story behind this iconic dress and delve into the enduring legacy of Princess Diana’s influence on fashion and the world.

Princess Diana’s Dazzling Dress

The Dress Design and Inspiration

The dress that captivated the hearts of millions is an exquisite piece of midnight blue velvet artistry. Designed by the renowned Moroccan-British fashion designer Jacques Azagury, this gown showcases a perfect blend of elegance and whimsy. Its intricate star embroidery on the midnight blue velvet bodice adds a touch of celestial beauty, reminiscent of a night sky filled with twinkling stars. The dress features a ballerina-length skirt made of a flowing organza fabric in a rich royal blue hue, which gracefully sways with every step. Completing the ensemble is a large bow and a sash, adding a touch of femininity and sophistication.

Historical Significance of the Dress

Princess Diana first wore this mesmerizing gown in April 1985 during her visit to Florence, Italy, where she attended a lavish dinner. The dress made another appearance in May 1986 when Diana attended the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Canada, solidifying its place as a timeless piece in her wardrobe.

Beyond the Price Tag

Evolution of Diana’s Style

The record-breaking auction price of $1.15 million for Princess Diana’s dress speaks to the enduring fascination with her fashion choices and the iconic status she holds even today. This dress, while not as widely recognized as some of her other iconic pieces, showcases the evolution of Diana’s style during a significant period in her life. As Diana transitioned from a demure and conservative style to more daring and trendy fashion choices, this dress marked a pivotal moment in her fashion journey.

Surpassing Previous Records

The previous record-holder for the most expensive dress from Diana’s wardrobe was a stunning purple velvet gown designed by Victor Edelstein, which sold for $604,800 earlier this year at Sotheby’s. The fact that this black and blue evening dress, with its unique design and symbolic details, surpassed all expectations and set a new record demonstrates the enduring allure of Princess Diana’s fashion legacy.

Charitable Aspect

It’s worth noting that all proceeds from the sale of the dress will benefit the New York Historical Society, further emphasizing the charitable aspect of Diana’s fashion auctions.

The Enduring Legacy

Fashion as Communication

Princess Diana’s enduring allure as a fashion icon can be attributed to her innate understanding of the power of fashion. Despite facing restrictions on her public speech, Diana used her clothing choices to communicate with the world, drawing attention to the charitable causes she supported. Each outfit she wore was carefully selected to make a statement, and this black and blue evening dress is no exception. It showcases Diana’s transition from a reserved royal to a confident trendsetter, unafraid to take risks and experiment with her style.

Global Impact

Even today, Princess Diana’s fashion influence remains unparalleled. Her ability to captivate the world with her timeless elegance, combined with her commitment to philanthropy, solidifies her status as a beloved figure worldwide. The auction of this iconic dress serves as a reminder of the impact she had on the fashion industry and the enduring legacy she left behind.

The Impact of “The Crown”

Reviving Interest

The recent auction of Princess Diana’s dress coincides with the final season of “The Crown,” the acclaimed Netflix series that delves into the lives of the British royal family. The show has reignited interest in Princess Diana’s life, showcasing her transformation from a young bride to a confident and influential woman. Through her fashion choices, Diana used clothing as a means of self-expression, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. “The Crown” has undoubtedly contributed to the ongoing fascination with Diana and her timeless style, further cementing her place as a fashion icon.

Diana’s Fashion Auctions

Previous Notable Sales

The auction of Princess Diana’s dress is not the first time her iconic garments have garnered immense attention and fetched record-breaking prices. In a previous auction held in September, Sotheby’s sold a quirky sweater adorned with sheep motifs, which Diana wore during her engagement to Prince Charles, for a staggering $1.14 million. Additionally, a blush-pink chiffon blouse Diana wore in her 1981 engagement portrait sold for $381,000, exceeding its original estimate fourfold.

Sharing Wardrobe with the World

Diana recognized the significance of her clothing and the people’s fascination with her wardrobe. In 1997, she auctioned off 79 of her most famous dresses in New York, donating $3.25 million to charity. This act allowed her to share her wardrobe with the world, scattering her recognizable pieces among collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Princess Diana’s Enduring Legacy

The record-breaking auction of Princess Diana’s black and blue evening dress showcases the enduring legacy of her style and the continued fascination with her life. This dress, with its exquisite design and symbolic details, has become a cherished piece of fashion history. Princess Diana’s fashion influence continues to inspire and captivate people worldwide. Her timeless elegance, willingness to push boundaries, and dedication to philanthropy have left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. As her dresses continue to break records at auction, they serve as a testament to her enduring allure and the indelible mark she left on the fashion world. Princess Diana’s legacy as a true fashion icon will be celebrated for generations to come.


In conclusion, Princess Diana’s dress setting a record auction price is not just a testament to her fashion choices but also highlights the everlasting impact she had on the world. Her ability to transcend time and trends is showcased through these auctions, where her dresses become more than garments; they become symbols of her enduring legacy.


Why did Princess Diana’s dress fetch such a high auction price?

The dress symbolizes a pivotal moment in Diana’s fashion journey, contributing to its high value.

How did Diana use fashion as a form of communication?

Despite restrictions on her speech, Diana expressed herself through carefully chosen outfits, drawing attention to charitable causes.

What is the significance of the charity aspect in the auction?

Proceeds from the dress sale benefit the New York Historical Society, emphasizing Diana’s commitment to philanthropy.

How has “The Crown” contributed to the fascination with Princess Diana’s fashion?

The Netflix series has reignited interest in Diana’s life, showcasing her evolution through clothing choices.

What makes Princess Diana a timeless fashion icon?

Diana’s timeless elegance, willingness to take fashion risks, and dedication to philanthropy contribute to her enduring legacy.

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